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The Prepay Club

This program is for collectors who frequently buys
the new cards as they are listed on my site but wants to save on s/h..
This is for someone who buys a few cards at a time or someone who just wants to save on shipping
  How the program works:
You buy a Prepay Club for $50.00 (or in any denomination of $50) and as we post new products ,
You order the cards you want from the website as you normally would,
and we hold the cards until your 'Club" is spent.
(You can always pay the difference
if you spend more than your Club balance),
then we ship your cards.
This will save you lots in shipping and handling
We track all the transactions, Once your Club balance is met, you can start it all over again with more club purchases...
There is no expiration on the Prepay club.
Once your Prepay Club is purchased,

please allow a few hours to update your store credit.
The next time you order,
it will ask you at checkout which method you want to pay,
Just select store credit and the rest is taken care of.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the Prepay club.


Click here for the $50 Club

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